Urn's Staff Application

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Urn's Staff Application

Post by Urn on Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:07 pm

Minecraft Username - Urn

Age - Skype Name - 14  - Exported has it

How You Found The Server - I found the server on youtube.

How Good Are You At Screensharing - Being mod on other pvp and hcf severs i have alot of experience and skill with screen sharing other players. I know all the places to look for hacks and where they can hide there ghost clients. To finish this section of i am just going to say i can find most to nearly all of people hiding ghost clients.

Why should I pick you - You should pick me because i have a unique set of abilities that could really help the server. Firstly i am extremely active and i can be on most of the day to moderate the server. I have alot of experience on past PvP and HCF servers. I am very good at spotting hacks which is a vital skill a staff member needs. I am a very kind and nice person and i can help and support any player that needs help either ingame or in Teamspeak.

Any Extra Information - I can communicate well, which is a skill that I feel can be very useful if I do get accepted as moderator. I also am very familiar with most all of the commands of minecraft because of my past jobs as staff on other servers.I am dedicated to this server and will happily give 101% effort to whatever I am doing. To finish off, I have a lot of time on my hands to help on the server.

Thank you for reading.


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