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Staff Application

Post by Aborting on Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:43 pm

Minecraft Username - Aborting
Age - Skype Name - 17 [yourdonekid]
How You Found The Server - Friends
How Good Are You At Screensharing - Yes
Why should I pick you - I should be picked for staff because I have many years playing Minecraft and many months of moderating PvP servers. The biggest server I moderated was RMC ( this server at the time was getting 400+ players and the practice server 100+. From playing this server i have gained many skills at finding cheaters. One thing i want to say is that I keep up to date with hacked clients learning how they work and where they are installed and used from. Such as the Sp00ky client I was finding many people with this and because my knowledge of studying these clients I can find them mostly everytime
Any Extra Information - I am currently studying networking and app development at a degree level so i am busy on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but this is only up to 4pm GMT.


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