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Staff Application/Builder

Post by BravoTeen on Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:37 pm

Minecraft Username - BravoTeens
Age - 14
Skype Name - HypeTimeGaming
How You Found The Server - I was watching WeInHereBB's yt videos and clicked on his channel and saw a Hcf sever preview and decided to try it out and join on the first day to find a decent server.
How Good Are You At Screensharing - I have screenshared people before and know where people hide hacks and ghost clients because I made one (I Don't use it).
Why should I pick you [/b]-
I believe I should be Helper because I think the network would from my behalf.I hope that does not sound too cocky if so I'm sorry. All I'm saying is, I can put my best effort forward, and try to continue to grow the reputation that McHcf has.
Currently, the staff team on here is awesome. They're all doing great work, and I would like to follow How they're. I would like to learn how to be an Awesome helper/staff member, and try to achieve to make the experience on McHcf better for other players. I believe as a staff member, I could make this happen.Smile

I have noticed that some people on McHcf are very rude and disrespectful when talking to each other. At times when no staff members may be online, I see people yelling Very hurtful comments at each other for almost no apparent reason. As a Helper , I could try my hardest to solve this problem and possibly even eliminate the bad things from being said in the first place.
I am online for endless hours, and could be helping lots of players on the server during this time frame. Even with the amount of staff members hired, at times I notice periods of times where no staff members are online. In these time periods, I see cases of advert, spam, and even at times the server is in absolute havoc. I can fill in these spaces, and reduce the stress from other staff members if they're online with the large number of players on at that moment.

As a staff member, I could make the network a better place, and enforce the rules in a positive manner which makes everyone :)happy. I try to remain positive in the worst of situations, and interpret all sides and pick what makes the most sense. When looking at an argument from all angles, you can detect and see what makes the most sense. I can surely do this, and provide truthful and accurate decisions. I sometimes fool around, but am serious when I need to be.
I am also a semi-big PvPer. It's a big part of Minecraft for me, even if it was taken away, I would for sure still continue to play. I can record videos on my comp, and can almost always tell what makes someone a good PvPer or a Cheater. From research, I have a good knowledge of hacks that people use. I understand hacks related to Minecraft which is beneficial.

I am encouraged by the community of McHcf, and enjoy talking to everyone. I think the players are great people, and I would love the opportunity to be able to help anyone out, at any chance I could get. When I'm online, I always try to respond to everyones questions, despite what I may be doing at this time. I do my best to help others, no matter what relationship I may have with them.
Any Extra Information -I am very good at building and have built some Koths.


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