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Staff Application

Post by MrPerryMvp on Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:37 pm

Minecraft Username - MrPerryMvp and alt is DriliNannersJr
Age - 15
Skype Name - MrPerryMvp
How You Found The Server - I found the server from Breeeze himself as I knew him from ArkHCF and ToxicPvP which I helped with.
How Good Are You At Screensharing - I'm very good at screensharing and know what to look for if someone has a ghost client, I recently spent over 30 minutes searching someones computer for a ghost client and came to a success helping a small server out!
Why should I pick you - The reason you should pick me is because i'm hard working and dedicated and want to stop all the hackers in the mine-man community! Also, I am very experienced as Breeeze would know as I've owned many servers in the past and know what I am doing when it comes down to Administration and Moderation. However, I helped Breeeze in the past with ToxicPvP and have helped Breeeze recently with the mcHCF server and Breeeze know's how capable I am Very Happy!
Any Extra Information - I love to help out the mine-man community and my goal is to make the server hack-free as possible so every one has a fun and enjoyable experience!


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