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Staff Application

Post by Tokeyyy on Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:47 pm

Minecraft Username - Tokeyyy
Age - 14 nearly 15
Skype Name - tokehd
How You Found The Server - through my friend rain
How Good Are You At Screensharing - about 7/10
Why should I pick you - because I have a decent amount of experience
Any Extra Information - I have seen way too many rule breakers on different faction servers, and i want to help stop people from breaking them rules on your server. Even though there will be a decent size amount that will be taken care of on the forums, there are still various amounts of people disregarding the rules of the other server i have seen, And there are a lot of people who do not have access to catch these rule breakers in the act, so I'd wish to catch them and punish them accordingly as well. I can be on for most of the time apart from 7.00am to 3.30pm, and basically almost the whole day as summer is approaching quickly. I mostly want to be a helper because I do not see a lot of helpers on at the minute, on to take care of rule breakers and to help out the general community. I am willing to do that and I will devote myself to do so. I am mature and wise, and know what decisions to make. I do have friends on the other faction servers, but even though they're friends, I would punish them accordingly as to what they do just as I would anyone else. I know all the mute, ban, times and know how to handle situations. I tend to like resolving arguments in chat so they don't flame and make the community a disturbed place, but a happy one. I can also record, with 50+ fps, so I can help the server grow furthermore. Overall, being a helper does come with many responsibilities which I am aware of, and I am fond with all the rules myself. I also know not to break them as that would make myself look bad in the position as helper, and make my friends look bad, too. I will also report any bugs or glitches in factions to members of staff. I also am aware of the fact of any exploits that were to happen if I were involved (which will not happen) will result into a demotion and a permanent ban. I know not to encourage flaming or do any pointless and stupid stunts on the factions server. And in all I will try to make factions become a way better experience for not just donators and members, but for the helpers and Staff team their selves.


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