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Post by NandoG0D! on Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:31 pm

Ok since the opening of I had been helper for a couple of days but got demoted for being to toxic its been like 3 weeks no and I have change totally I have been working on different hcf servers to try and build my staff knowledge up im not asking for staff straight away im just saying to you im sorry for bing toxic to members of the mchcf community. I understand if you don't want to give me staff because of what happened in the past.
Minecraft Username: NandoG0D

Age - 15 Skype - Jack.dice3

How You Found The Server: I Fount the server of Breezes channel as I have been watching him since he played para.

How Good Are You At Screensharing: When it comes to screensharing people I have a high understanding of what to do and were to find hidden/non-hidden hacks. I am able to screenshare any player that is trying to hide clients. I know all the places to look to find clients/hacks as I was once mod on para and hcfpvp.

Why should I pick you: You should pick me because I once helped u on ur server promo also I have had a lot of experience in the past on other hcfpvp servers including I have a range of different abilities that could help the server out in many ways, for example when it comes to Screensharing of catching hackers out I know what to look for. I will always no when someone is suspicious. when it comes to helping players out I am a very nice and warm hearted player as I will always help people people and try me best. I will always listen to staff and owners as they are at a higher standard than I am. I will never be toxic to players in game and in teamspeak. I made a bad mistake to do this before and I regret doing it and im sorry

Any Extra Information: I have a lot of time on my hands as I always love playing minecraft. I will always be on when needed. I am always willing to do anything the owner of staff ask me to do. I have a really good sense of communication as this is one of the bigger things of being staff. I am 110% willing to do what ever I need to do to help the server out and be a good staff member.
Thank you,
im really sorry of what happened in the past I hope I can make it up thank you. I hope I can be accept to be staff once again on this awesome server.


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