Glockd Staff Application

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Glockd Staff Application

Post by glockd on Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:20 pm

Application To Copy :
Minecraft Username - glockd
Age - 15 Skype Name - jakubdizz
How You Found The Server - I found the server through a friend who was starting SOTW on the server.
How Good Are You At Screensharing - Im really good not trying to brag, I used to hack myself like 5 months ago and I was screenshared a lot but never caught untill I told someone about my client. I was screenshared by the best of staff but none could find anything, Ive known tenebrous for a bit and he also taught me about screensharing, What to look for, Where to find what, If they look suspicious etc. I would say that I can find pretty much any hack, unless its an external client and I can also find traces of Destructable clients.
Why should I pick you - Ive been in the minecraft community for a long time and ive always been quite chill in chat. I know how to speak properly to people, im not toxic and I dont abuse power. Ive had experience with most commands and im willing to learn about new commands that I have not encountered. My experience of being staff is pretty good. Ive been a Jr Helper on the hypixel server. A server with 30,000+ online players this was a big achievement to me. Ive been a moderator on Conduct Craft this was in 1.5.2 when the plugins were much worse, The server got a regular 100 players on at all times. Im always the owner of my own server which i've been working on, This will not stop me being a good staff member on mcHCF.
Any Extra Information - Im looking forward to be working with this awesome team of staff and hoping to see a new experience in a big HCF server.

- glockd/Colted


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